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Arizona Commission of Indian Affairs
Arizona Commission of Indian Affairs Arizona's Official Web Site
Working for a greater understanding and improved relationships in the State of Arizona.
Welcome to the Arizona Commission of Indian Affairs Website!

The Commission of Indian Affairs was established in 1953 by the 21st Legislature to consider and study conditions among the Indians residing within the State of Arizona.

The Commission consists of 20 Commissioners, including seven Indian and four at large members appointed by the Governor, and 9 Ex-Officio members who serve by the virtue of their office.

Pursuant to A.R.S. § 41-542, the Commission shall assist and support state and federal agencies in assisting Indians and tribal councils in this state to develop mutual goals, to design projects for achieving goals and to implement their plans.

The commission shall also:

  1. Assemble and make available facts needed by tribal, state and federal agencies to work together effectively.
  2. Assist this state in its responsibilities to Indians and tribes of this state by making recommendations to the governor and the legislature.
  3. Confer and coordinate with officials and agencies of other governmental units and legislative committees regarding Indian needs and goals.
  4. Work for greater understanding and improved relationships between Indians and non-Indians by creating an awareness of the legal, social and economic needs of Indians in this state.
  5. Promote increased participation by Indians in local and state affairs.
  6. Assist tribal groups in developing increasingly effective methods of self-government.
  7. Assist urban Indians.
The Commission hosts two distinct events that enable the state and tribes to address issues on a regular and proactive basis:
Indian Nations and Tribes Legislative Day for the purpose of celebrating the rich culture and history of Arizona’s Tribes and Nations and also to address issues of mutual interest.

Arizona Indian Town Hall to create a process that promotes public consideration of issues, builds consensus and supports the implementation of resulting recommendations.
Arizona Commission of Indian Affairs
1700 W. Washington St., Suite 235
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Phone: 602.542.4426